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See Our Students Here!

At Building Blocks, we take pride in our facilities and the services we provide. All our students enjoy:

Themed lessons each week
Small class sizes
Variety of manipulatives and learning materials
Unique centers for children to explore, including: science, math, reading, writing, sensory, blocks, and dramatic play
Fenced playground for privacy and security
Pizza Friday - for $2.25 we provide pizza for lunch instead of a packed lunch

Pre-Kindergarten Classes
We use Creative Curriculum, supplemented with our own themes and projects. Our classes are divided into two groups:

Lions - Our Lions are pre-kindergarten students aged 4 - 5. Students in this class develop kindergarten skills such as phonemic awareness, quantifying, and problem solving. Lions work with a variety of manipulatives and hands-on tools. They are taught to recognize and write their names and letters.

As Lions, the students focus on sticking to a daily routine. They have classroom jobs to promote independence and responsibility, and they are able to earn prizes for these jobs and other helpful behaviors. Lions are encouraged to become independent through tasks such as shoe tying, hand washing, getting dressed, etc. They practice working alone, but also in small groups and as a large group. Throughout the year, Lions are exposed to meaningful experiences and participate in outdoor activities.

Sea Turtles - Our Sea Turtles are young preschoolers aged 2½-4, although they can move up to the Lions earlier if they demonstrate that they are ready. Sea Turtles practice recognizing letters and numbers, counting, recognizing and tracing their names, identifying patterns, and much more. They also are encouraged to stick to a daily routine. Some of our younger Sea Turtles work on potty training, and our staff helps with this using a variety of rewards and helpful aides.

Sea Turtles work on sharing and working together to accomplish goals. Like the Lions, they have classroom jobs that demonstrate the value of being part of a team. Sea Turtles can earn prizes for completing their jobs and other helpful behaviors.

Special Programs
In addition to our pre-kindergarten classes, we offer several other programs to meet the needs of our families:

Summer Care - Available for children up to 6 years old, this program provides structure and routine during the time between school years. Those attending our Summer Care program practice and review what they have learned in kindergarten, so that they are well-prepared for their upcoming fall classes.

In this environment, children spend a lot of time exploring the outdoors. They also conduct simple science experiments and document their findings.

Date Night - Designed to relieve the everyday stress of parenting, while also providing fun and structured play for students and their siblings, these are special nights on which you can drop your children off at our center and enjoy an evening out on the town by yourselves!

Typically, date nights are offered once a month on a Friday, and parents can check the newsletter each month for upcoming days. Children are provided with dinner, a movie, and fun activities.

The cost for Date Night is $30 for one child, $40 for two or three siblings, or $50 for four or more siblings.

Snow Days - Available for former and current students, Building Blocks is open on those days that Traverse City Public Schools closes due to snow. On those days, students can be dropped off beginning at 9am.


5625 Gray Road   Traverse City, MI   49684   231-922-0776

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